Binomial Nomenclature of Plants

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Common NameBinomialFamily
Garlic MustardBrassicaceae
Ground IvyLamiaceae
Dog's MercuryEuphorbiaceae
Bush VetchLeguminosae
Red Dead-nettleLamiaceae
Cow ParsleyApiaceae
Common Dog-violetViolaceae
Lesser CeladineRanunculaceae
Germander SpeedwellPlantaginaceae
White Dead-nettleLamiaceae
Common NameBinomialFamily
Shining Crane's BillGeraniaceae
Red CampionCaryophyllaceae
Common VetchLeguminosae
Herb RobertGeraniaceae
Greater StitchwortCaryophyllaceae
Ivy leaved SpeedwellPlantaginaceae
Three-cornered LeekAlliaceae
Spring VetchLeguminosae
Lesser StitchwortCaryophyllaceae

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