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Can you name the TV shows by their haikus?

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McNamara/Troy / Beauty's a curse on the world / Plastic surgery
She buys 'Buy The Book' / Leaves figurative closet / Gay icon is born
Red X's on screen / One hundred people surveyed / Two play 'Fast Money'
Japanimation / Pikachu in a haiku! / Gotta catch 'em all
Manolo Blahniks / Choose between Aidan and Big / Funky tasting spunk
'Blush' magazine staff / Superficiality / Maya stays grounded
Flight around the world / Detours, Roadblocks, Fast Forwards / Bite partner's head off
Zelda and Hilda / Coach half-witch in magic spells / Talking cat robot
Colorado Springs / Female doctor fights the odds / Harlequin romance?
Uncle gets three brats / Complains to America / Loves his Baby Girl
Gargamel wants soup / Papa, Brainy, and Jokey / a.k.a Les Schtroumpfs
Hippies have square kids / Sit, Ubu, sit. Good Dog! *Woof* / Alex loves Nixon
Synthesizer theme / Boy genius becomes doctor / Types journal at end
Dress up your model / 'Make it work' and 'Carry on' / Heidi might 'Auf' you
Must save Angel Grove / Red, blue, pink, black, and yellow / Saber Tooth Tiger!!
Miller-Boyett show / Spin-off of 'Perfect Strangers' / Urkel loves Laura
Defends ancient Greece / Still manages to wear skirt / Lesbian subtext?

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