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Can you name the Lost Characters By Centric Episode?

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How to PlayForced Order
CharacterCentric Episodes
 The Incident
 Hearts and Minds
 The Man Behind the Curtain, Dead is Dead
 House of the Rising Sun, Ji Yeon
 Dave, The Lie
 The Economist, He's Our You
 Some Like it Hoth
 Adrift, Meet Kevin Johnson
 The Variable
 Collision, Two for the Road
 ?, The Cost of Living
CharacterCentric Episodes
 Catch-22, Jughead
 Outlaws, Everyman for Himself
 Something Nice Back Home, 316
 Whatever the Case May Be, The Little Prince
 Deus Ex Machina, The Brig
 Not in Portland, One of Us
 The Moth, Greatest Hits
 Raised By Another, Par Avion

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