Star Fox 64 Level by quote

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Can you name the Star Fox 64 Level by quote?

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QuoteLevelSpoken by
Aim for the six energy towers!Peppy
How's the Blue Marine Fox?Slippy
Enemy Mothership approaching!Bill
Here come the little Hyenas now!Forever Train Engineer
Somebody beat us here. It's all gone!Falco
I can't leave Slippy Hangin'!Fox
Take the right light Boy, I have the left.Katt
Sorry to jet, but i'm in a hurry!Fox
QuoteLevelSpoken by
Maybe its an Arm, aim for the arm!Peppy
Cocky little freaks!Shogun Pilot
Peppy, Long time no see!Pigma
Don't get too cocky, Star Fox!Wolf
Something's wrong with the G-Diffuser!Falco
Six missiles coming from the left.ROB 64
Too late, game over pal!Falco
This brings back memories of your dad.Peppy

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