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Can you name the Pokemon of Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia by their Browser Attack Info and Field Moves?

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Browser Attack InfoPokemonField Move
It spits embers and blobs of fire to attack.Burn-2
It spits gooey silk. It attacks by letting loose shock waves.None
It occasionally pretends to attack.Crush-1
It attacks by spitting bubbles and blobs of water.River Flow-2
It flies around at high speed and charges to attack.Cut-3
It attacks by blasting electricity from it's body.Recharge-3
It creates gusts with it's large wings to attack.Fly
It attacks by spitting embers.Burn-1
It attacks with gusts of luminuos wind and strange orbs. It also fakes attacks.Cut-5
It makes hunks of ice fall. It protects itself with a ghostly fire.Crush-4
It launches eerie orbs to attack.Airlift
It hurls rocks and stones with it's tails to attack.Crush-2
It's attacks consist of gusts of dark wind, hunks of ice, and dark pulses.Cut-4
It quickly dashes about and charges to attack.Tackle-1
It attacks by scattering charged orbs of electricity and shooting electric bolts.Electrify-3
It spits hunks of dirt to attack. It also rams at incredible speed.Crush-5
It jumps to create shock waves. It also throws rocks to attack.Crush-1
It warps from rock to rock. It uses a variety of attacks.None
Browser Attack InfoPokemonField Move
It attacks by spitting our eerie orbs and sinister ones imbued with loathing.Psy Power-3
It spits eerie orbs of energy to attack. It protects itself with a psychic barrier.Teleport
It attacks by releasing a dark pulse.Cut-3
It spits orbs of water to attack.Soak-1
It attacks by launching strange orbs and by spinning around.Cut-3
It launches dark pulses and gusts of dark wind to attack.Cut-4
It lets loose flames from it's hands. It also has an explosive attack.Burn-5
While protecting itself with a ghostly ring of fire, it breathes streams of fire to attack.Burn-4
It spits blobs of fire and lets loose dark pulses to attack.Burn-2
While protecting itself with leaves, it also scatters them to attack.Tackle-2
It attacks by scattering needles.Tackle-1
It sends gusts of dark wind and lets loose dark pulses to attack.Dark Power
This Pokemon is gargantuan. It is far too big for capture.None
It spits bubbles and orbs of water to attack.Crush-2
It generates magnetism from it's body. It protects itself with an electric barrier.Electrify-3
It opens up fissures in the ground to attack.Tackle-2
It rams with it's rock-hard head.None

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