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Can you name the Pokemon of Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia by their Browser Attack Info and Field Moves?

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Browser Attack InfoPokemonField Move
It occasionally pretends to attack.Crush-1
It spits embers and blobs of fire to attack.Burn-2
It attacks by launching strange orbs and by spinning around.Cut-3
It lets loose flames from it's hands. It also has an explosive attack.Burn-5
It spits blobs of fire and lets loose dark pulses to attack.Burn-2
It opens up fissures in the ground to attack.Tackle-2
While protecting itself with leaves, it also scatters them to attack.Tackle-2
It sends gusts of dark wind and lets loose dark pulses to attack.Dark Power
It spits hunks of dirt to attack. It also rams at incredible speed.Crush-5
It creates gusts with it's large wings to attack.Fly
It attacks with gusts of luminuos wind and strange orbs. It also fakes attacks.Cut-5
It flies around at high speed and charges to attack.Cut-3
It spits eerie orbs of energy to attack. It protects itself with a psychic barrier.Teleport
This Pokemon is gargantuan. It is far too big for capture.None
It spits bubbles and orbs of water to attack.Crush-2
It launches eerie orbs to attack.Airlift
It attacks by spitting our eerie orbs and sinister ones imbued with loathing.Psy Power-3
It attacks by releasing a dark pulse.Cut-3
Browser Attack InfoPokemonField Move
It attacks by scattering needles.Tackle-1
It generates magnetism from it's body. It protects itself with an electric barrier.Electrify-3
It hurls rocks and stones with it's tails to attack.Crush-2
It jumps to create shock waves. It also throws rocks to attack.Crush-1
It quickly dashes about and charges to attack.Tackle-1
It attacks by blasting electricity from it's body.Recharge-3
It attacks by spitting embers.Burn-1
While protecting itself with a ghostly ring of fire, it breathes streams of fire to attack.Burn-4
It attacks by scattering charged orbs of electricity and shooting electric bolts.Electrify-3
It's attacks consist of gusts of dark wind, hunks of ice, and dark pulses.Cut-4
It warps from rock to rock. It uses a variety of attacks.None
It launches dark pulses and gusts of dark wind to attack.Cut-4
It makes hunks of ice fall. It protects itself with a ghostly fire.Crush-4
It spits gooey silk. It attacks by letting loose shock waves.None
It spits orbs of water to attack.Soak-1
It attacks by spitting bubbles and blobs of water.River Flow-2
It rams with it's rock-hard head.None

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