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2 characters hold hands/paws and jump up and down in a see-saw like fasion.
Character1 taunts Character2 in a ridiculous accent.
Character's back faces viewer and tail sways side to side.
Character1 has trouble imagining himself kissing Character2, but then Character3 makes a move on him.
Characters 2 & 3 compete to win Character1's heart.
2 characters stand in middle of screen seeming happy, but after the sound of a thunk, they are shocked and say-
Character stands still, but tail sways side to side.
Character1 wants to make babies.
2 Characters stand side by side and, with arms out, alternate between standing left and right.
At the end, Character1 hits Character2 because Character2 says Character1 likes rain.
Character continuously eats something.
Character sways arms from side to side above head.
Character(s) spin to different song versions.
Character(s) swing arms and knees while ordering genders.
Dance where character holds hands above head and sways hips from side to side.
Character1 lies in bed while Character2 peeks into window.
Character goes up and down with arms and legs.
People answer 10 questions.
Character1 yells at Character2 to not be judgemental.
2 Characters swish their heads and hips.

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