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Michael _____ is the main character of The OfficeThe Office Surnames
Long John Silver is the Antagonist in this bookBooks by Antagonists
The largest producer of cocoa beansCocoa Producing Countries
_____ ChoculaMissing Word: Cereal
The most common baby girl name of 1900Baby's Names: Girls (1900)
The world’s third largest motor vehicle manufacturer (2009), the name means 'people's car' in German.Mäde In Germany
Obama's Vice PresidentObama's Cabinet
Al-’Urdun is what countries name in EnglishExonymous Countries
The #1 one hit wonderVH1's One Hit Wonders
The only country with the 3rd letter being 'K'Country per Third Letter
The largest emirate of the UAEEmirates of the UAE
A female foxMiddle X
13x3Minute Math (Mixed Operations)
German 10Multi-Lingual Counting
The only ceremonial or geographic county of englandCer. Counties of England
The worlds most visited cityMost Visited Cities
This country has the worlds smallest economy with only $15 million US DollarsWorld's Smallest Economies
The westernmost hawaiian islandHawaiian Islands
The largest pizza chain in the USLargest Pizza Chains
The most populous american city that does not repeat any lettersNon-Repeating Letters Cities (US)
Taste the RainbowCandy Slogans
The element with the fewest letters5 or fewer letter elements
To level off or in geology a high planEnds in 'eau'
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.Famous Quotes II
What president is missing? - Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, _________Whats Missing 2
A novel made into a movie where the book was written by Peter Benchley and the movie was directed by Steven SpielbergAdaptions: Name the Title
...of the happiest cloud you could be onWait, how many was that?
Often comes in 31 flavorsDesserts
Conjunction ________, whats your functionMissing Word: Schoolhouse Rock
The first FIFA world cup winnerFIFA World Cup Winners

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