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HintAnswerScrabble points
Oh _eez! That's terrible!2
First Letter1
_onaco is a ridiculously s_all country3
You hi_ golf balls off of a ___/ I HA_E ice ___1
_pani_h i_ what they _peak in _pain1
We seem to have an __tra...8
Don't sware or say _4
I live i_ _iue a_d speak _iuea_1
A season of survivor took _lace in _alau3
I can ___ you hiding over there!3
I have a _eadac_e!4
HintAnswerScrabble points
_h my g_d! N_ way!1
These sting you and are black and yellow4
My first name is _oe8
___ are you on the roof?!?!4
___ are s_ch an imbecile!1
u doubled4
I got a _+ in english class! Only 68%!2
Tu_alu is my all-time fa_orite country4
___ you okay o_ not? :(1
_ don't know where _t _1
Last letter10
This quiz is _asy!1
A _ot of peop_e speak eng_ish1

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