Which Country Has Fewer People?

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Can you name the country that has the least amount of people out of the 2 that are listed where if you guess the one ?

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Australia or Yemen?
Ivory Coast or Chile?
Paraguay or El Salvador?
Liechtenstein or Monaco?
United Kingdom or France?
Uzbekistan or Saudi Arabia?
Sudan or Tanzania?
Tonga or Micronesia?
Jamaica or Oman?
Costa Rica or Central African Republic?
Romania or Syria?
Tajikistan or Denmark?
Republic of Congo or Liberia?
Zambia or Zimbabwe?
Sierra Leone or Slovakia?
Uganda or Iraq?
Switzerland or Benin?
St. Lucia or Sao Tome and Principe?
Haiti or Hungary?
Malaysia or Nepal?
Tuvalu or Nauru?
Swaziland or East Timor?
Chad or Cuba?
Burkina Faso or Niger?
South Africa or South Korea?
Laos or Libya?
Malawi or Mali?
UAE or Dominican Republic?
Guatemala or Ecuador?
Bangladesh or Russia?

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