Movie Characters by Death (SPOILERS)

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Can you name the movie characters by the way that they die?

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Fear/nihilism-induced heart attack
Pummeled with bowling pin
Pillow mercy kill
Battered in a cornfield
Five point palm exploding heart technique
Bullet, axe, woodchipper
Frozen next to hedge maze
Ring trick, from Mathilda
Decapitated atop a subway
Straddling a nuclear bomb, rodeo style
Dropped off Nakatomi Plaza
Crushed by plane engine, while in bed
Melted by water
Butchered in the shower
Unfortunate wildebeest stampede
Shot on live TV due to poor ratings
Old age, yet as a newborn.
Given the axe by Halberstram
Blue convertible off the edge of a cliff
Shot in the head by Frank Fitts

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