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DescriptionNameFirst Appearance
Menace who first brought the original team togetherJourney Into Mystery #85
Green-skinned Chinese communist (NOT a 'Simpsons' character)Journey Into Mystery #93
Alien who masqueraded as the Hulk, got trapped in limboAvengers #2
Team of arch-villain rivals (pretended to be heroes)Avengers #6
Travelled from future time, has many aliasesAvengers #8
He is and yet also isn't the same person as aboveAvengers #10
European mob leader who stole superpowers from other villainsAvengers #13
Mercenary who talked his way into joining the Avengers, only to betray themAvengers #19
Alien antiquarian with a vast menagerie of creatures from all over the universeAvengers #28
Merciless leader of an alien race of warriors, the Avengers 'murdered' himFantastic Four #65
DescriptionNameFirst Appearance
Scythe-welding brother of a longtime AvengerAvengers #52
Genocidal robot, the creation and 'son' of a longtime AvengerAvengers #54
Game player, can make people vanish out of existenceAvengers #69
12 member team, from the 'Age of Aquarius'Avengers #72
Heroes from a parrallel Earth, suspiciously like heroes from a rival comic publisherAvengers #85
Godlike being from alternate future known as 'the Enemy'Giant-Sized Defenders #3
Manipulates gravity, plagued the early West Coast Avengers teamAvengers #158
Gem-welding scientist, frequently a member of the 'Masters of Evil'Incredible Hulk #228
Blue-skinned alien, motif of stealing super-powerful weaponsAvengers #257
Alternate timeline AvengersAvengers #355

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