Oasis Or Blur?

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Can you name the correct artist Oasis or Blur according to the lyrics below?

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LyricBlur/Oasis?Song/ Year
He's Got Morning Glory; Life's A Different Story
You Might As Well Do The White Line
Maybe I Will Never Be, All The Things That I Want To Be
I Want To Crawl All Over Her
He Knows His Claret From His Beaujolais
My Joy Of Life Is On A Roll, And We'll All Be The Same In The End
These Are Crazy Days But They Make Me Shine
Oh My Baby, Oh My Baby, Oh Why, Oh Why
Ordinary People That Are Like You And Me, We're The Keepers Of Their Destiny
I Live My Life For The Stars That Shine
Everyone Is A Clever Clone; A Chrome Covered Clone Am I
And Then Dance If You Want To Dance, Please Brother Take A Chance
Jusqu'a La Fin, En Plein Soleil
She's The Queen Of All I've Seen And Every Song And City Far And Near

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