Does the Big East still Deserve it's Name?

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Can you name the The Schools in the Big East from the present and 2015?

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StateSchoolCurrent Conference
Texas(2013-foward)Conference USA
Pennsylvania(1982-2014)Big East
Florida(2013-foward)Conference USA
Indiana(1995-foward)Big East
New York(1979-foward)Big East
New Jersey(1991-foward)Big East
West Virginia(1991-2012)Big East
Rhode Island(1979-foward)Big East
Pennsylvania(2012-foward)Mid-American Conference
Tennessee(2013-foward)Conference USA
New Jersey(1979-foward)Big East
StateSchoolCurrent Conference
New York(1979-2014)Big East
Connecticut(1979-foward)Big East
Texas(2013-foward)Conference USA
Florida(2005-foward)Big East
Pennsylvania(1980-foward)Big East
lllinois(2005-foward)Big East
Ohio(2005-foward)Big East
Idaho(2013-foward)Mountain West
Wisconsin(2005-foward)Big East
Washington D.C.(1979-foward)Big East
Kentucky(2005-foward)Big East
California(2013-foward)Mountain West

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