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The team that first shared Tulane stadium with the Green Wave
Freshman dorm of the Honors Program
This massive community service project occurs at the start of each school year
Campus of undergraduate studies
Athletic conference of Tulane
A 1993 legal thriller with a Tulane Law student as the protagonist
Nickname given to statue of Jesus on Loyola's campus (inspired by Notre Dame)
Abbreviated name given to the new student center
This university borders Tulane's campus
Category of Tulane's top 20 ranking by the Princeton Review
Academic break in the spring unique to Tulane
The school's name is taken from
Tulane's mascot
This actor portrays a Tulane professor in HBO's Treme
Name of the famous ship used for the Riverboat Cruise at the start of freshman year
Number of semesters Tulane closed for after Katrina
Two Presidents spoke at Tulane's 2006 Commencement
The 2009 Commencement speaker whose speech went viral on YouTube
Republican Speaker of the House who earned his Ph.D. from Tulane
Current president
Unofficial Group of Prestigious Southern Universities
Fact Answer
Home field of the football team
Original name of Tulane
Name of the Business School
Academic and administrative building at the head of campus
Legendary campaign mastermind in the Political Science department
Acclaimed college radio station of Tulane
University first asked to rename itself as 'Tulane'
The last season Tulane finished undefeated in football
Founded in
Tulane is the only university in the nation to offer classes in this art
A former mayor and iconic talk show host who graduated in '65
Popular search engine founded by a Tulane grad
Fraternity and sorority houses are located on
Most popular bar near campus
Name of the student newspaper
This sport was temporarily eliminated after a 'point shaving' scandal in the 1980s
The first 'residential college' opened to freshman
The only non-coed dormitory on campus
Team Name
This university (destroyed in the Civil War) served as a template for Tulane's post-Katrina renewal

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