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May the Fly Swatter be with You!SOOO...MUCH... BUGS!!!!
Eat blocks...Cube Shaped Trolls
Take out penguins!Some yeti guy
Hoppin' from planet to planetAn Astronaut Collecting Stars
So many mountiansGrapple gun!
'iAye Caramba!'Two dudes and a minecart
Control both characters in this B&W game!One guy in black, one in white
Ice skate to make holes for the monsters to fall in!An ice skater!... and some monsters... And ice cream!!
Freeze EVERYTHING!!!A pointy dude with a big nose
Guess which present matches the first one!Presents!
First 2 Player Game!Two Squirrels Help chicks
This used to have Customizable CharactersA blue & pink balloon
1st game when you can play with the Title Screen!The itsy bitsy spider...
InfoGameMore Info
Draw stuff with a wizardWizard&Robots
Getting a Remake On iOSA Flytrap!
Featured on CandyStand.comOne Big Head
Racing, With TANKS!!!!!First mouse & keyboard game
Gameplay is similar to Kirby: Canvas CurseBlots
The Game That Started It allA Blue balloon
Guy in a yellow suitSOOO...MUCH...BOMBSSSSSSSS
Spinning RoundA Labyrinth, A hedgehog, AND LOTS OF SPIKES
Some Anti Virus dudePink, Green, And Yellow enemies
Sand Pouring Mania!Sleep Walkers
Amusement Park ride gone wrong...Toys that attack you!
Winner of People's Choice AwardsSlingshot a black ball to the goal!

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