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Can you name the aircraft manufacturers' name themes ?

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heavenly objectsOrion, Constellation, Hercules, Sirius
supernatural beingsPhantom, Goblin, Voodoo, Banshee
thunder-somethingThunderjet, Thunderceptor, Thunderchief, Thunderbolt
hawksHawk, Seahawk, Kittyhawk, Mohawk
catsWildcat, Tiger, Tomcat, Jaguar
sky-something (military)Skyraider, Skyhawk, Skyshark, Skyknight
7x7737, 747, 777, 707
strato-somethingStratocruiser, Stratojet, Stratolifter, Stratoliner
something-fortressFlying Fortress, Superfortress, Stratofortress
Native American tribesCherokee, Navajo, Pawnee, Seminole
sky-something (civil)Skymaster, Skyhawk, Skywagon, Skylane
birds (American)Condor, Hawk, Shrike, Owl
star-something or something-starStarfighter, Starlifter, Shooting Star, Starliner
A3xxA300, A310, A320, A321
Aira-somethingAiracobra, Airacuda, Airabonita, Airacomet
nobilityDuke, King Air, Duchess, Baron
birds (British)Kestrel, Tomtit, Sea Hawk, Harrier

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