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Brief summaryAmendment numberYear enacted
Prohibits poll taxes
States that voting rights will not be denied on the basis of race
Assures trial by jury in civil cases
Right to bear arms
Affords voting rights to citizens aged 18
Establishes direct election of US Senators by the people
Affords voting rights to women
Abolition of slavery
Grants Electoral College representation to the District of Columbia
Electoral College casts separate votes for President and Vice President
Clarifies line of Presidential succession, declares new President takes office on January 20 and not March 4
Repeal of prohibition
Forbids excessive bail or fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
Establishes federal income tax
Brief summaryAmendment numberYear enacted
Prohibits forceful quartering of troops in private residences during peacetime
Three basic freedoms
Presidential term limits
Rights retained to the states
Changes details of presidential succession, provides for vice presidential replacement
Right to a speedy trial, right to legal counsel
Protection against unlawful search and seizure
Due process, equal protection
Clarifies judicial power over foreign nationals, limits rights of citizens to sue states
Rights retained to the people
Provides that pay raises for members of US Congress do not go into effect until after the next election
Right not to self-incriminate in a criminal trial

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