Presidential Firsts

Random History or US Presidents Quiz

Can you name the Presidents associated with each Presidential first?

Updated Feb 7, 2012

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The first President...PresidentYear achieved appoint a woman to the Supreme Court
...born in a log cabin
...who had a telephone in the Oval Office
...inaugurated in Washington, D.C.
...who had an automobile at the White House
...whose likeness appeared on a postage stamp preside over all 50 current states
...born a citizen of the United States visit the west coast
...who lived in the White House take the oath of office on two Bibles
...born in the 20th century marry while in office
...who previously owned a professional sports team
...whose inauguration was recorded on film ride on a steamship
...who was a Rhodes Scholar
...who had previously served as a member of the House of Representatives
...born outside the boundaries of the original thirteen colonies win the Presidency without winning the popular vote earn a doctorate
...sworn into office by a woman
The first President...PresidentYear achieved
...born outside the contiguous United States ride in an airplane attend a baseball game be impeached arrive in Washington, D.C. by railroad
...who faced a woman as an election opponent
...born in a hospital ride and to and from his inauguration in an automobile have had a stepmother
...sworn into office by a family member have his inauguration photographed begin an elected term of office on January 20 rather than March 4 be left-handed ascend to the office despite never being part of a winning Presidential campaign
...who took office during wartime
...who never sought re-election be elected after having been defeated as an incumbent
...born in the nineteenth century have been director of Central Intelligence ascend to the office despite never previously holding any elected office
...who had the White House renovated

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