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In what episode does Andy say: 'Feel you Dog?'
How many acres is Dwight's beet farm?
According to Michael, what number is china?
What 2 other song parodies does Michael claim to have done in the episode Goodbye Toby?
At whom's concert does Michael do drugs?
What is the name of Michael's stepfather?
Where do Karen and Jim go for a Drink after Karen's first day in Scranton?
How many episodes did Jo appear in during the 6th season?
In what episode is Todd Packer's name first mentioned?
In what episode does Toby first tell of his dream to move to Costa Rica?
What is Dwight's third question to Ryan in his Barn?
What are the first words uttered in The Coup?
What is the First and Last name of the former convict?
What is the only character whose actor appeared twice in The Office in two different roles?
What is the location of the house David Wallace puts up for auction in Crime Aid?
According to Michael, why does he sleep on the bench in front of the bed?

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