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What is the actual name of the Pilot episode?h
What was the first line in the episode?
Who by?
What is dangling from Rachels wedding headband?
What colour cup she holding when explaining why shes in a wedding dress?
When Rachel sat down, what did Monica say
Whats Ross's first word?
Chandler and Joey build what at Ross's place
What did Carol always drink her beer in?
What city did Chandler say at the end of the episode?
Whats the next line? Chandler: Pheebs wanna help out?
What is the first card Rachel cuts?
Who mouths the song in the opening credits?
Who wrote the theme tune?
What is the name of Monica's date
What's his nickname?
What is on the floor that Monica steps on
What piece of furniture is it next too?
In the opening credits, who spits out water from the fountain
Why did Ross split with Carol
Who was Rachel about to marry?
What was she more attracted to then him?
What fictional character does he remind Rachel of?
What type of tea did Rachel have?
Who was preparing it for her?

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