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Can you name the answers to these questions from ROOTS episode 2?

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What object does Kunta see around a sailor's neck?
Who close to Kunta, is killed in their rebellion?
What is the date they arrive to america?
How many slaves survived the voyage?
For how many pounds is Kunta sold for?
Who is his new owner?
What name does he give to Kunta?
Who is assigned to teach Kunta?
What animal is Kunta praying to in the barn?
Kunta's owner, his wife and his brother wonder if slaves are capable of doing what?
What does Kunta find when he falls during work?
What does he use the object to do?
When Kunta runs away, what does he see on the ground in the morning?
What do the slave hunters use to track him?
What was Kunta hit with until he said 'Toby'?

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