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Episode TitleShowRating
Everyone's Waiting9.9
My Screw Up9.7
Final Grades9.6
Through The Looking Glass9.6
House's Head9.6
Pine Barrens9.6
Scott Tenorman Must Die9.6
Once More, With Feeling9.6
Discos and Dragons9.5
The Contest9.4
Two Cathedrals9.4
Out Of Gas9.4
Family Meeting9.4
Episode TitleShowRating
You Only Move Twice9.3
Ham Radio9.3
We've Got Magic To Do9.3
The One Where Everybody Finds Out9.2
Not Fade Away9.2
Bad Blood9.2
The Secret Box/Band Geeks9.2
Afternoon Delight9.1
Returning Japanese: Part 29.1
Stress Relief9.1
Slap Bet9.1
Other People's Mothers8.9
An American Girl In Paris: Part Deux8.5

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