Boogie in your butt

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Can you name the things Eddie Murphy wants you to put in your butt according to his song Boogie in Your Butt?

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It's in the title of the song
Elm or oak, for example
Big Ben is a famous one
The Blarney Stone is a famous one
Some dog collars prevent these
Commonly recycled item
Spud Webb, Tom Thumb, or Mini Me, for example
Not dark
What putting #10 in your butt will do.
Boob tube
Not you
pillow, suit, brief...
Bob Scheiffer does this to the nation every Sunday morning
Don't smile
Use a chair
Encircles the castle
Ermine jacket
Bryan Adams does this for you
Fa la la!
Pledge spray gets rid of this
have to
Some times it's stuffed with cheese
Fossils sometimes come from this
Heats an apartment
Hasta luego
cash, moolah, dinero
Defunct brand of coffee OR the edge of a hat
Defunct coffee brand's slogan OR to make the cup as full as possible
25 cents
1 cent
10 cents
5 cents

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