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'Rabbit or Duck' Marshall and Lily set up Ted with one of Barney's discards from his Super Bowl plea for phone calls as a Valentine's Day date.2010/CBS
'Blow-Up' When Cheryl has a revealing photo of herself taken as a Valentine gift to (title character), he proudly shows it to all his friends.2002/ABC
'Valentine's Day' Justin asks Julia to be his fiancée and she tells him that she's late and might be pregnant.1996/FOX
'Ep. #1421' Julian and Eve are worried about Whitney carrying her half-brother's child as Liz watches gleefully, happy at all the pain she has caused.2005/NBC
'House of Cards' Jimmy finds himself in hot water on Valentine's Day after his responding to Christine's prodding for more romance only makes her madder.2003/CBS
'Ruskie Business' As Valentine's Day approaches, (title character) works as a love detective, tracking down Meg's secret admirer & helping a Russian woman find her missing fiancé.2005/UPN
'Marta Complex' When Lucille throws an anniversary party for Tobias and Lindsay on Valentine's Day, Michael gives an impassioned speech about love.2004/FOX
'The Zinging Valentine' On this Valentine's Day cruise, a singing valentine 'pussycat' falls for a stuck-up guy who has just been dumped by his girlfriend.1983/ABC
'Everybody Hates Valentines Day' While (title character) develops a crush, Julius and Rochelle have their work cut out dealing with all of Tonya's and Drew's admirers.2006/CW
'Billie's Valentine' Billie's new boyfriend turns out to be a professional problem for her, despite his romantic accomplishments.1985/NBC
'Killer Queen' Jackie is stuck in the lurch when a guest cancels their appearance on 'What's Up, Wisconsin?' Donna has her eye on a someone to ask out for Valentine's Day.2006/FOX
'(series name) Valentine's Show' Sketches include: 'Cosby Condoms', 'When Homey Met Sally,' 'Ejector Bed,' 'Black and White ,' and 'Wanda's Affair.'1993/FOX
'Love is a Many Blundered Thing' An anonymous valentine's card appears on Fran's purse. She thinks it's from Mr. Sheffield & gets a huge billboard sign asking him to be her valenti1996/CBS
'Blips' Stella returns to Stuckeyville after breaking up with her boyfriend. Warren's high-flying approach to playing Cupid for Stella gets him the thank-you of his dreams.2003/NBC
'I Love Lisa' On Valentine's Day Lisa takes pity on Ralph and gives him a valentine when she sees that he hasn't received any.1993/FOX
'The Engagement' (title character) and Lewis are shocked when Oswald announces that he is going to move in with Kate. Mimi and Wick take lie detector tests.1998/ABC
'Valentine's Day Massacre' A dead squid gets in the way of a bizarre love triangle between (title character), stadium line painter Mr. Beverly and math teacher Ms. Fingerwood.1991/Nickelodeon
'Ep. #9085' Nikki interrupts Ashley & Victor as they spend Valentine's together & learns that he has given Ashley the seat on the Newman board. Jill & Paul catch up on DNA results.2009/CBS
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