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Leo, Raph, Donnie and MikeyFour brothers protecting New York from an evil kitchen utensil... no, they're not frogs...
Hal JordanSauron and Morder wish they had his 'one ring' (yes... I did just make that bad joke... feel free to throw something at me, just not the face)
Bruce BanerA man with breath taking anger management issues
Peter ParkerIt would really suck if he was an arachnophobic
Steve RogersOh Captain, my Captain
James Howlett/LoganNo... not a badger... he's not a damn Hufflepuff!
Jay GarrickWait a minute... Where'd he go?
Bruce WayneWell, he's a little stoic
Tony StarkBlack Sabbath
Clint BartonRobin Hood aint got jack on this guy
Johnny StormHe looks a lot like Steve Rogers... is it getting hot in here?
(His name is his title)Nordic equivalent to Zeus... only he gets a shiny toy along with all that lighting...
Clark KentMaybe those first two guys needed their eyes checked or something
Arthur CurryFish are friends, not food

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