Preliminary Section 4

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English WordFrench Word
The professor says to the students
Open your book to page 23
Close your book.
Listen to the question
Respond to the question
Go to the board
Write the response in complete sentences
Take a sheet of paper and a pencil or a pen
Do the exercise A on page 21
Hand me your sheet of paper
Read page 17 and learn the vocabulary words
Prepare for the exam
the next course
Do the homework in the notebook
How is that written?
Is that written with an accent or without an accent?
Is that written with one s or two s in french?
English WordFrench Word
What? Please repeat.
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand
No, I dont understand
How does one say a pen in french?
One says un stylo
What does votre mean?
It means your
I don't know
Thank you
You're welcome
Pardon me
Excuse me
upwards accent on e
downwards accent on e
circonflex on a
trem accent on i

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