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Which member first debuted as a singer in 2002?
Jessica appeared in what Super Junior M music video?
What was SNSD's first TV show?
Which member has appeared in music videos for SJ, TSZX, and TVfXQ?
What's Taeyeon's real name?
What's Seohyun's real name?
What was Taeyeon's first tour solo song?
Who's the tallest member of SNSD?
What's Jessica's Korean name?
How many members does SNSD have?
Who's Jessica's famous sister?
What's YoonA's real name?
What's Sunny's real name?
Which member has her own room?
What was the name of SNSD's baby in Hello Baby?
What's Seohyun's favourite cartoon?
Which member sticks out her tongue as she sleeps?
What was Seohyun's first tour solo song?
What's Sooyoung's real name?
Taeyeon suffers what what 'disease'?
What's Sooyoung's sister's name?
Which member is the youngest winner of Star Golden Bell?
Which member first debuted as a singer in 2004?
What was Yuri's first tour solo song?
What nickname did Hyoyeon earn after returning from China?
One of Sunny's older sisters is the manager of what solo singer?
What's Hyoyeon's real name?
What was Sooyoung's first tour solo song?
As of December 31, 2010, what is the total age of SNSD members?
Who was Seohyun's 'husband' on We Got Married?
Other than Tiffany and Jessica, which member was born in the United States?
In June 2010 Taeyeon infamously snapped while recording what music program?
Who was Taeyeon's 'husband' on We Got Married?
What was Yoona's first tour solo song?
When Sooyoung lived in Japan, who are said to be her roommates?
What was the name of Sooyoung's first group?
What's Yuri's real name?
Name all 9 members in order of age, starting with the oldest
Which member has aegyo that calls for a rod?
Which 2 members have a habit of waking up Tiffany with their aegyo?
What profession is Sooyoung's sister?
What's Tiffany's Korean name?
What was Jessica's first tour solo song?
What's Tiffany's real American Name?
What was Sunny's first tour solo song?
Who's Sunny's famous uncle?
Who's the shortest member of SNSD?
Which member was hospitalized for H1N1 virus?
What was Tiffany's first tour solo song?
Which member has aegyo that calls for the punch?

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