The Hidden Films in L.A. Noire

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Can you name the Hidden Films in L.A. Noire?

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Director/Year ReleasedFilmMain Star(s)
Michael Curtiz/1938James Cagney
Robert Rossen/1947John Garfield & Lilli Palmer
Jules Dassin/1947Burt Lancaster
Edward Dmytryk/1947Robert Young, Robert Mitchum & Robert Ryan
Edgar G. Ulmer/1945Tom Neal & Ann Savage
Billy Wilder/1944Fred MacMurray & Barbara Stanwyck
Charles Vidor/1946Rita Hayworth
Joseph H. Lewis/1950Peggy Cummings & John Dall
Samuel Fuller/1955Robert Ryan & Robert Stack
Nicolas Ray/1950Humphrey Bogart
John Huston/1948Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson & Lauren Bacall
Otto Preminger/1944Gene Tierney & Dana Andrews
John M. Stahl/1945Gene Tierney
Fritz Lang/1931Peter Lorre
Michael Curtiz/1945Joan Crawford & Jack Carson
Edward Dmytryk/1944Dick Powell
Jules Dassin/1950Richard Widmark & Gene Tierney
Charles Laughten/1955Robert Mitchum & Shelley Winters
Edmund Goulding/1947Tyrone Power
Alfred Hitchcock/1946Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman & Claude Rains
Carol Reed/1947James Mason
Jacques Tourneur/1947Robert Mitchum
Samuel Fuller/1953Richard Widmark
Jules Dassin/1955Jean Servais & Carl Möhner
Fritz Lang/1945Edward G. Robinson & Joan Bennett
Director/Year ReleasedFilmMain Star(s)
Alfred Hitchcock/1943Teresa Wright & Joseph Cotten
Alfred Hitchcock/1950Farley Granger, Ruth Roman & Robert Walker
Billy Wilder/1950William Holden & Gloria Swanson
Alexander MacKendrick/1957Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis
John Huston/1950Sterling Hayden & Louis Calhern
Billy Wilder/1951Kirk Douglas
John Farrow/1948Ray Milland & Charles Laughton
Fritz Lang/1953Glenn Ford
Howard Hawks/1946Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
Robert Siodmak/1946Burt Lancaster & Ava Gardner
Stanely Kubrick/1956Sterling Hayden & Coleen Grey
Orson Welles/1947Rita Hayworth & Orson Welles
William Wyler/1940Bette Davis
John Huston/1941Humphrey Bogart & Mary Astor
Jules Dassin/1948Barry Fitzgerald
Richard Fleischer/1952Charles McGraw, Marie Windsor & Jacqueline White
Robert Wise/1949Robert Ryan
Robert Siodmak/1946Dorothy McGuire & George Brent
Carol Reed/1949Joseph Cotten & Orson Welles
Fritz Lang/1944Edward G. Robinson & Joan Bennett
Jules Dassin/1949Richard Conte
Frank Tuttle/1942Veronica Lake & Alan Ladd
Orson Welles/1958Orson Welles, Charlton Heston & Marlene Dietrich
Otto Preminger/1950Dana Andrews & Gene Tierney
Raoul Walsh/1949James Cagney

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