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Can you name the Shen Gong Wu from the show Xiaolin Showdown?

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PowerShen Gong Wu
Gives user unlimited knowledge
Allows user to see through objects
Makes targets act goofy
Undoes mistakes
Allows user to move at speed of light for as long as a flash of lightning
Allows user to control wind and create storms
Allows user to go through solid objects
Shoots bolts of electricity
Allows user to see great distances
Allows user to control all Shen Gong Wu
Allow user to defy gravity
Allows user to fly with dragon wings
Brings inanimate objects to life and give them emotions
Shoots stinging insects at a target
Shrinks user to size of a grain of rice
Creates portal to Ying-Yang world
Creates portal to Ying-Yang world
Can deflect any attack
Allows user to fly, leaving behind a rainbow vapor trail
Turns into a dragon that turns things into sapphire statues
Shoots fire
Returns target to its original form
Combines chi of anyone the light touches
Shoots sticky blasts of silk
Omi's Elemental Shen Gong Wu
PowerShen Gong Wu
Turns into a bone-crushing snake
Makes things invisible
Allows user to control the moon
Allows user to use telekinesis
Allows user to move with great speed
Shoots blast of electricity
Allows user to breathe underwater
Allows user to talk to and understand animals
Traps foes in a force field
Shoots a disintegration beam
Temporarily freezes time
Allows user to read minds
Transforms into a jet/submarine
Allows user to travel through time
Allows user to split into as many as nine people
Reverses effects of other Shen Gong Wu
Stretches the user's legs
Turns targets into mindless zombies
Raimundo's Elemental Shen Gong Wu
Releases a swarm of locusts
Allows user to flip and jump through the air
Transforms into a giant, hopping transport
Attracts objects to the user
Turns into a giant, fighting baby
Releases a flood of water
PowerShen Gong Wu
Transforms into a jungle exploration vehicle
Restores Sibini to full power
Erases the enemy's memory
Acts as a third arm
Transforms into a tunnel-digging vehicle
Creates tears in time and space used for teleportation
Serves as heavy, impenetrable armor
Allows user to change shape
Makes user flexible and stretchy
Gives user eyes on the back of their head
Turns into armor resistant to heat
Gives user appearance and abilities of a monkey
Turns user into a fly
Causes ants to swarm target and make them itchy
Allows user to enter a foe's dreams and bring their worst fears to life
Gauntlet strong enough to crack the earth
Turns user into electricity
Contains Sibini
Shoots hair that binds targets
Kimiko's Elemental Shen Gong Wu
Allows user to see the future
Turns user into a cannonball
Creates a hologram of the user
Clay's Elemental Shen Gong Wu
Gives user increased upper body strength

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