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VillainMusicalVillain Song
Miss Hannigan, Rooster Hannigan, Lily St. Regis''Little Girls'', ''Easy Street''
Velma Von Tussle, Amber Von Tussle''(The Legend of) Miss Baltimore Crabs'', ''Cooties''
Franklin Hart, Jr.''Here for You'', ''Always a Woman''
Audrey II, Orin''Feed Me (Git It)'', ''Suppertime'', ''Dentist!''
Jud Fry''Lonely Room''
Mrs. Meers''They Don't Know'', ''Muqin''
Melpomene, Calliope''Evil Woman''
Fagin, Bill Sikes''My Name'', ''You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two'', ''Reviewing the Situation''
Caldwell B. Cladwell''Mr. Cladwell'', ''Don't Be the Bunny''
VillainMusicalVillain Song
Professor Callahan''Blood in the Water''
Mr. Applegate, Lola''A Little Brains, a Little Talent'', ''Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets'', ''Those Were the Good Old Days''
Edward Rutledge, John Dickinson''Molasses to Rum'', ''Cool, Cool, Considerate Men''
Evillene''Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News''
Judge Turpin''Pretty Women'', ''Johanna''
Lord Farquaad''What's Up, Duloc?'', ''The Ballad of Farquaad''
Scar''Be Prepared'', ''The Madness of King Scar''
Ursula''I Want the Good Times Back'', ''Poor, Unfortunate Souls''
Almost Everyone''Razzle Dazzle'', ''Cell Block Tango'', ''We Both Reached for the Gun''

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