Supervillains by Bad Description

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Can you name the supervillains given an unhelpful description?

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Scientist exercises his right to bear arms.
Terrorist has a green thumb.
Villainess changes shape out of the blue.
Felon gets charged before he's arrested.
Literally the Man of Steel.
Doctor's alter ego is a cold-blooded killer.
Former DA flips out.
Cyborg nails Wolverine in slash fiction.
Hitter swings hard enough to break bat.
He runs the hottest club in New York.
Mobster hatches bird-brained schemes.
Robber keeps getting into Spiderman's pants.
Black foreigner enjoys male bonding.
Billionaire is a bald-faced liar.
If he threw a party, it would be a hit.
Nazi is scarlet-faced about WWII loss.
Giant craves Whole Earth Foods.
He isn't a serious problem.
Bipolar terrorist is the best in his field.
The entirety of Batman & Robin.

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