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XWlverine's clone
DHe has the power of reactive evolution
RHis body is made of rocks
PUses the Souldagger
MHe saved Kitty Pryde's life
SA member of the Big Hero 6
JWorked with Black Tom Cassidy.
FCreated by the Weapon Plus Program
IYounger brother of Cannonball
TA Native American mutant
ZDied saving Colossus' life
LShe was born in Hawaii
YWolverine's ill-fated fiancee
HLeader of the Starjammers after Corsair dies
BAte the Wasp
ECan both cure and harm people
NOnce studied to become a priest
UA professional wrestler and mutant
WA mutant from Scotland
KShe can speak French
VAn early X-Men foe
GSaved a young Storm from Shadow King
AA Cretan mutant
CHis sister and brother are mutants also
OTrained as a police officer in India
QFormer mentor to Generation X. The White_______

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