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Can you name the trivia from the movie 'The Goonies'?

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He directed the film
He co-wrote the film
He produced and co-wrote the film
She sang 'Good Enough,' the Goonie theme song
He escapes from prison
Helped her son escape from prison
Helped his brother escape from prison
The goonie with Asthma
(portrayed by)
The chubby goonie
(portrayed by)
The mouthy goonie
(portrayed by)
The techy goonie
(portrayed by)
The older brother
(portrayed by)
The cheerleader
The cheeleader's friend
The town they live in
Mr. Walsh's occupation
Where the goonies find the treasure map
The year the map was made
The name of the Fratelli's hideout
Complete Quote 1: 'the only thing we serve is tongue...
The entrance to the passageway
The other thing inside the freezer besides ice cream
Complete Quote 2: 'I like the dark, I love the dark...
The group found his skeleton under a rock
The name of the wishing well
He was at the top of the wishing well
Complete Quote 3: 'don't say that, never say that. Goonies never say...
The candy bar given to Sloth
The device that saves Data from falling
They kissed in the cave
They also kissed in the cave
Complete Quote 4: 'I hit the wrong note...
The name of the pirate ship
The One-Eyed Captain
Complete Quote 5: 'It's not a candle...
Where Rosalita found the jewels

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