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January 1stAustria, Finland and Sweden join this international Organisation
January 25thA Rocket fired from this country sparks post cold war nuclear tension with Russia
February 1stThe lead singer of this band vanishes and is presumed dead
February 21stAl Quaeda organise the Serkadji Prison Riot in this country killing 4 Guards and 96 Prisoners
March 1stThis internet based company known primarily for its search engine is founded in California
March 20thThe Sarin Gas Attack on the Subway of this capital city kills 12 people and injures over 5000
April 2ndAn explosion in this disputed region Kills the Hamas Leader
April 19thA bomb explosion in this US city kills 168 people
May 1stThis president of France is Elected
May 21stThis actor is paralyzed following a fall from a Horse
June 2ndUS Pilot Captain Scott o'Grady is shot down while performing a routine air patrol of this country
June 29thThe UN Security council disagrees over disarming this Country
July 4thThis Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is contended for leadership of the Conservative party but wins the election
July 17thThis US based stock Market closes above 1000 for the first time
August 4thThis country launches Operation Storm against Serbia
August 24thThis computer software company launches its latest operating system
September 4thThis online site allowing customers to sell and buy items is launched
September 27thPresident Said Mohammed Djohor of this country is captured by mercenaries
October 4thThis country launches a counter coup in retalliation to the events of September 27th
October 30thThis breakaway region of Canada narrowly lose a referendum for Independence
November 22ndThis film is released, it is the first completely computer animated film
December 8thJean Dominique Bauby the editor of this Magazine suffers a stroke and develops Locked in Syndrome
December 30thThis European country and EU member records its lowest ever recorded temperature at -27.2 degrees Centigrade

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