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Can you name the Artist who appear and/or sing in the 'What's going on' video by the MTV All Stars ?

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Funny HintSinger
Mrs. Rossdale
Um... Jessica Biel
Support AIDS
Country Grammer
Mostly a producer
I brought you Biggie Smalls
'It's been a while'
Bushy Eyebrows
I was not on Dawsons Creek
Quite Spanish Guy
I have tattoos and I am in a boy band!
I beat on Willa Ford
Genie in a bottle BABY
Opps I shaved my head again...
I want to go to outerspace...
Funny HintSinger
Jigga What...Wait I am from Texas
No I am not married to Jay-Z ... I am the other girl...
'What would I be without you'
'I'm like a BIRD'
No more DRAMA
Help me while I push this Elephant up these stairs...
I keep falling in and out of love...
I am not Justin... I am the other one who attempted a career...
Hand me my Red Baseball cap...
I knocked up the Milkshake GIRL...
I have paw prints by my MILKSHAKES...
My father sang this song...
Savage Garden...
I have a big butt on the BLOCK...
I had the Swine FLU...
I hosted a GAME SHOW...

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