Sheldon Cooper or Lt. Commander Data ?

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Can you name the source of the quote - Sheldon Cooper or Lt. Cmdr. Data?

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QuoteSheldon or Data
'The unidirectional nature of the time continuum makes that an unlikely possibility.'
'A fear of heights is illogical. A fear of falling, on the other hand, is prudent and evolutionary.'
'I come from a town so small, we had a fraction for a zip-code.'
'There does appear to be a recurring motif.'
'I believe I may be attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.'
'How often does one see a beloved fictional character come to life? '
'I assure you, I am quite real'
'Well there was a number of things. First the late hour, then your demeanor seems very low energy, plus your irritability...'
'I could be chasing an untamed ornithoid without cause.'
'You bought me a present? Why would you do such a thing?'

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