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Can you name the 13 word palindrome?

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It used to revolve around us -- back when we were flat. (3 letters)
...'__ if!' said the slightly affronted blonde. (2 letters)
Robbins, Russert, or Tiny...(3 letters)
This conjunction surrounds 'at' to make a word meaning 'one who speaks.' (2 letters)
Examine this matted fabric -- in the past perhaps? (4 letters)
What waiters wait for. (4 letters)
To sheathe in plastic. (8 letters)
You have to be this before you can dry. (3 letters)
A furry drummer -- not human. (6 letters)
Some frothy saliva. (7 letters)
Precedes 'age' to make this French food -- which is usually aged. (4 letters)
Follows 'band' to make some wild west theives. (3 letters)
Last word of the palindrome -- stinks doesnt it. (4 letters)

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