Seinfeld Minor Characters

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George's dadthey're nuts
Jerry's mom's brother'Jerry, hello!'
George's old neighbor'Why can't you be more like ______?'
Irritating comedian'That's gold Jerry, gold!'
Jerry's nemesis'Hello, _____.'
George's bossYou never see his face.
Elaine's on-and-off boyfriend'Yeah that's right.'
Kramer's unseen friendWillard.
Elaine's 'crazy' boyfriend'Sic semper tyrannis!'
Kramer's lawyer'You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on?'
George's dead fianceDead of toxic envelopes.
The girl whose name Jerry forgotMulva.
Jerry's dentistSwitched to Judaism for the jokes.
George's aliasImporter/export and architect.
Character who gives people jobs at parties 'Sounds made up.'
Kramer's dwarf friend'Night, ma.'
Elaine's bossEats Snickers with utensils.
Candy bar heiressThe bra-less wonder.
Susan's roommate in collegeJerry Seinfeld is the devil.

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