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Can you name the video games by their descriptive haikus??

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Play as an 'old one'/Make your enemies insane/R'lyeh rises now
Stop the aliens/It took fifteen years to make/The critrics said: 'meh'
Climb Mount Olympus/And kill the king of the Gods/End the trilogy
Climb up the blocks fast/Watch out for crazed killer sheep/Boss tip 'Do not die'
Rescue the Princess/Rewind time to solve puzzles/Did it all happen?
A fallen angel/Restore the train to heaven/Local online play
Return to the deep/You are bonded to the 'lamb'/Modify yourself
The end of times comes/Gather the God Mask pieces/Your whip slaughters all
Fly among the stars/Spin enemies to beat them/Ride a dinosaur
Marked as an outcast/You must find out your focus/And stop ragnarok
Suit made out of hair/You can play with one button/'Don't **** with a witch'
Wanton blood and gore/A different path taken/The words 'He must win'
Stop the raging blight/Gather the factions for war/Have sex with teammates
A resort island/Bludgeon, stab and shoot zombies/Level up your skills
Two worlds uniting/To stop the planet eater/Mostly with combos
To the depths of hell/Carve through hundreds of sinners/Your guide's a poet
Save the galaxy/Learn of a far greater threat/The cycle must end
Whip made out of yarn/You literally can't die/Cutest game ever
A zombie outbreak/Bio-organic weapons/Sold in Africa
Restore the lost heir/An invasion from hell comes/A vast open world

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