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Screw the rules, I have money!
I'm not gay, I'm just British.
To the Mokuba-mobile!
I've turned Mokuba into a monster card, and he doesn't have any attack or defense points!
Could I have a hug?
If I don't have half-naked girls applied to my body at regular intervals, I die.
I summon the unstoppable force that is... the Gummi Bears!
Mind crush!
I surrender.
Stop saying herpes!
I am NOT a freaky fish guy!
Attention Duelists!
I summon my Generic Insect.
Burn the witch!
Um...I have to go do British things. Like drink cups of tea and eat Bangers and Mash. That sort of thing. Because I'm British.
Oh, Black Luster Soldier, how I've missed you.
Somebody fetch me a nipple!
I was too busy destroying the world.
We are villains who like to rhyme! In fact we do it all the time!
Super Special Awesome
Her huge breasts were no match for my enormous chin
When I take off my bandages, I want the first thing I see to be my big brother playing a card game
In America!

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