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What is the name of the retirement home?
What is Mr. Krabs' middle name?
How many yards did Sandy throw the anchor in the muscle contest?
Who is the Bikini Bottom news reporter?
What is Squidward's on time % at work?
What does Patrick say the luckiest number ever is?
What is Mr. Krabs' pet worm's name?
What is Squilliam's last name?
What is Spongebob's first rule of shoe-tieing?
Why did Patrick's parents come over?
What country was Mr. Krabs' umbrella from at his yard sale?
What did Sandy land in skydiving in her dream?
How much does a Krabby Patty cost on Thursday?
What is the 'icing on the maturity cake?'
What restaurant has a talking dog?
What time did the Krusty Krab commercial air?
How many Spongebob's are there in the future?
What was the first Spongebob episode to air?
What uncle does Spongebob wonder if he is a robot?
In the eisode with Doodlebob, what country does Patrick shout out when he hit his head?

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