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Lol no one punts in overtime! Let's go for it, even if we are on our own 25!
You have a pretty good team with one bad loss. But don't worry, no one can beat the mighty Rams these days
Trying to win the division for the second year in a row. Who knows maybe you'll hit .500 this year!
You have the Lebron James of the NFL...enter the 4th quarter, and all hell breaks loose
ESPN's favorite team this year, dying for them to somehow make the playoffs. It would be a possibility if your DT wouldn't get fined every week.
Yeah you're 5-5, but don't worry your head coach is 100% positive you'll win the Superbowl, because THIS is your year. He'd be even happier if both teams played barefoot
To be honest probably one of the most boring teams in the league. You're not good and not bad, and have no drama. You stll have a shot at the division but frankly no one cares
Your Qb throws on average 14 interceptions a game. I guess losing your kicker on the opening kickoff on opening day is a bad omen
They have the best QB in the league...because he wins! Even though he completes 3 passes a game. But that doesn't matter, he wins!...only God knows how
You guys are really good...but you should be scared because Rex Ryan guarantees his 5-5 team can beat you
One of the last teams to win, then suddenly became pretty good when you put away Daniel Thomas and started a real runningback
The punching bag of the NFC North
A Hail Mary isn't even going to help you this year guys...
Pretty good team that somehow found a way to get blown out to the Chiefs and lose to Tebow. But at least your kicker can kick a field goal from 135 yards out
Looks like last place again...still wondering how the f*** you made the Superbowl a few years ago
This team is looking great. You got a good winning streak going and high playoff long as your QB doesn't break his thu- yeah you guys are screwed
Team DescriptionTeam
Your QB thought he could lead the team to a division title...until he got benched in Week 7
I honestly don't know what the heck is wrong with you guys. You start out the worst team in the league, then you're on fire, and now you suck again, but still in the division race
Great record, but any team that plays the Rams,Cards,and Seahawks twice would. Overrated? Of course not they have impressive wins against the Browns,Bucs,and Redskins
Decent team, but one of your players texted his wife saying he wasn't seriously hurt. I mean come on...he deserves to be suspended for the rest of the year
The Detroit Lions are reeeeally enjoying your season
Started out by being one of the best teams in the NFL through the first 8 weeks...then proceeded to get completely blown in the last 3 weeks
Predicted to be the worst team in the took 7 weeks to realize that's not true when everyone saw you somehow found a way to get to the top of the division
They were a 2-point conversion away from tying the Packers...just about the high point of their season
A solid 8-3 record, with your 3 losses coming against the Seahawks, Titans, and idea where that puts you in the power rankings
They might be 8-2 if the game ended after the 3rd quarter
Your top RB, WR, and QB are all taking turns on the injured list...but hey at least your kicker is healthy...for now
The good news is you blew out the Saints. The bad news is it was your first blowout-win in 8 years
Averaging about 2.1 points per game, the only team to win by scoring 6 points and miss a game-winning 22 yard field goal
You gave up 36 points to the Seahawks at wtf?
There is really no flaw to point out here, except that your QB stole the discount double-check move
You guys got a good QB, and a decent team. Too bad you physically can't win a close game

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