Bed Intruder Song Lyrics

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LyricMissing Word(s)
Well...obviously we have a rapist in ______!
He's climbin in your _________
He's __________ your people up
Tryna rape em so y'all need to hide your ________
Hide your _______
Hide your _______
Hide your _______
Hide your _______
Hide your _______
And hide your ________ cause they
LyricMissing Word(s)
__________ errybody out there
You don have to come and _______, we looking for you
We ____ find you! We ____ find you
So you can _____ and tell that, _____ and tell that, _____ and tell that
________ home home ________
We got your T-shirt you done left ______ and all
You are so ________, you are really ______
For _______
The man got away leaving behind ______
I was attacked by some _______ in the projects

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