Funniest Baseball Injuries

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Strained a ligament in his back because of a sneeze
Accidently stabbed himself with a knife trying to open up a DVD case
Ironed his shirt...while he ws wearing it
Got caught in the tarp machine
Broke his collarbone when he fell down the stairs carrying deer meat given to him by a teammate
Broke his leg jumping on home plate after hitting a walk-off grand slam.
Dislocated his shoulder while attempting to rip a phone book in half
Strained a back muscle adjusting his 3-year-old son's pillow
Had a nightmare about spiders (which he fears), and fell out of his bed onto a glass table
Accidently rubbed chilli juice in his eyes
Fell asleep in a tanning bed and obtained a violent sunburn
He wanted to watch Bill Buckner bat, so he ran to the TV, and on his way he ran into a table and broke his toe
Strained his pitching arm while playing Guitar Hero on his PS2
Broke his nose in a car accident, as he was attempting to pass the team bus
Strained a muscle while vomiting AND chipped a tooth while eating a doughnut

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