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Description of VillainVillain Name
Violent, expansionist race always in conflict with the Federation
Murderous probe from the epsiode 'The Changeling'
They will assimilate you. Resistance is futile.
Irritating omniscient being that antagonizes Captain Picard
Emotional, aggressive relatives of the Vulcans
Nefarious shapeshifters from Deep Space 9
Spock's brother
Description of VillainVillain Name
Territorial race that catches Kirk and the Enterprise in their web
War mongering Cardassian from Deep Space 9
Lizard-like creature Kirk fought in the episode 'Arena'
Shakespeare-quoting Klingon from Star Trek VI
Data's evil twin
Interstellar con-man from the original series
Angry Romulan from 2009's Star Trek movie

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