Pseudonym Chapter Titles of A Song of Ice and Fire

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Can you name the characters associated with these pseudonyms used as chapter titles?

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Chapter TitlePOV Character
The Prince of Winterfell
The Queen's Hand
The Kraken's Daughter
The Dragontamer
The Blind Girl
The Iron Captain
The Ugly Little Girl
Cat of the Canals
The Discarded Knight
The Kingbreaker
The Sacrifice
The Prophet
The Drowned Man
A Ghost in Winterfell
Chapter TitlePOV Character
The Wayward Bride
The Watcher
The Griffin Reborn
The Merchant's Man
The Queensguard
The Windblown
The Princess in the Tower
The Reaver
The Soiled Knight
The Iron Suitor
The Captain of the Guards
The Lost Lord
The Spurned Suitor
The Queenmaker

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