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Can you name the Characters by their first lines in the book 'A Game of Thrones?'?

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QuoteCharacterPOV Chapter
'Payne?'Sansa I
'Home, Shaggy, home now.'Bran IV
'In the kitchen, arguing about names for the wolf pups.'Catelyn I
'It is, m'lord, and she can speak for herself, if it please you.'Tyrion VIII
'Is it really mine?'Daenerys I
'Our mountain. Our goat.'Tyrion VI
'Sansa's work is as pretty as she is. She has such fine, delicate hands.'Arya I
'What are you talking about?'Arya I
'I see that the rumors of your demise were unfounded.'Tyrion VII
'No.'Daenerys II
'Cat.'Catelyn IV
'We were talking about the prince.'Arya I
'Do you have news of Bran, Uncle?'Tyrion I
'You are late, boy.'Arya II
'Will Bran get better, Uncle?'Tyrion I
'This is your prince. Who are you to tell him he may not have an edge on his sword, ser?'Arya I
'Hodor!'Bran IV
'Cat. Oh, Cat, how good it is to see you. My sweet sister.'Catelyn VI
QuoteCharacterPOV Chapter
'Well enough for a man of my years, my lord, yet I do tire easily, I fear.'Eddard IV
'Is this one of the direwolves I've heard so much of?'Jon I
'A lordling. Southron, most like near Highgarden.'Jon IV
'None of us will go hungry tonight.'Tyrion IV
'I do not like it. You should be hand.'Bran II
'Ned! Ah, but it is good to see that frozen face of yours.'Eddard I
'The bastard broke my wrist!'Jon III
'My lord, pardon for disturbing your rest. I have been left a message.'Catelyn II
'Lady Stark, to see you again after so many years is such a joy.'Catelyn IV
'Gods forbid. It's not an honor I'd want. There's far too much work involved.'Bran II
'It's the Hand's tourney that's the cause of all the trouble, my lords.'Eddard IV
'Seven blessings to you, good folk.'Catelyn V
'Little cat.'Catelyn XI
'Bring them in.'Catelyn XI
'I am told you can read.'Jon III
'Yes, Father.'Bran I
'Gods!'Bran I
'Sweet lady, no victory is half so beautiful as you.'Sansa II
QuoteCharacterPOV Chapter
'This is beauty. Go on. Touch it. Caress the fabric.'Daenerys I
'Keep the pony well in hand.'Bran I
'In the name of Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of his Name, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm...Bran I
'Regal.'Daenerys I
'My sword!'Eddard VII
'Ofttimes Ser Ilyn frightens me as well, sweet lady. The man has a fearsome aspect.'Sansa I
'Boy. Is that animal a wolf?'Jon I
'Oh, I think that Lord Tyrion is quite a large man. I think he is a giant come among us, here at the end of the world.'Tyrion III
'Is it? I doubt that. Spare me your sweet words, Lady Catelyn, I am too old. Why are you here? Is your boy too proud to come before me himself? What am I to do with you?'Catelyn IX
'Your meat is bloody tough!'Bran VI
'The deserter died bravely.'Bran I
'Who would pass the Bloody Gate?'Catelyn VI
'They... they told me I was to come here for... for training.'Jon IV
'Mother?'Catelyn VI
'Pretty.'Bran V
'Best we get Princess Daenerys wedded quickly before they hand half the wealth of Pentos to sellswords and bravos.'Daenerys II
'This is a game for children, Ser Rodrik.'Arya I
'Crows are all liars. I know a story about a crow.'Bran IV

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