Lord of the Rings Major Locations

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Can you name the Lord of the Ring Major Locations?

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Book 1Hobbits
Book 1Wights
Book 1Prancing Pony
Book 1Nazgul
Book 1Elrond
Book 1Mountain
Book 1Mines
Book 1Elven Forest
Book 1Boromir
Book 2Horse Lords
Book 2Ents
Book 2Two Towers' Big Battle
Book 2Gondor Outskirts
Book 2Witchking's Lair
Book 2Spider
Book 2Gate
Book 2Saruman
Book 3Horse Lords
Book 3Minas Tirith
Book 3'I am no man!'
Book 3Orc Tower in Mordor
Book 3Sauron's Realm
Book 3Gate
Book 3Mountain of Fire
Book 3Hobbits

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