Closer to Humans?

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Which organism is more closely related to humans than the other (in terms of evolutionary relationships)?

Updated Oct 16, 2013

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OrganismOrganism closest to humansExplanation
A) Chimpanzee or B) Rabbit
A) Tuna or B) Dolphin
A) Fungus or B) Sequoia Tree
A) Lizard or B) Frog
A) Squid or B) Sea Urchin
A) Housefly or B) Jellyfish
A) Lemur or B) Baboon
A) Snake or B) Eel
A) Sea Squirt or B) Sea Cucumber
A) Trout or B) Shark
A) Ray or B) Crab
A) Sponge or B) Earthworm
A) Dimetrodon or B) Tyrannosaurus Rex
A) Platypus or B) Cat
A) Yeast or B) Bacterium

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