NSAIDs Class and Dose Schedules

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Can you name the NSAIDs Class and Dose Schedules?

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Acetic Acid
50/75mg TID-QID (max=150mg) 
50/75mg TID-QID (max=150mg) 
25/50mg TID (max=200mg) 
50/75mg and 200mg BID (max=150mg) 
10mg QID (max=40mg and 7 days) 
Propionic Acid
200/400/600/800mg QID (max=3200mg) 
250/500mg BID-TID (max=1500mg) 
275/375/550mg BID-TID (max=3 tabs) 
200/300mg BID (max=600mg) 
7.5/15mg OD (max=15mg) 
Salicylic Acid
Common OTC medication 
250/500mg BID (max=1000mg) 

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